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ABOUT XIN LIJIE   Ningbo Xin LiJie
Ningbo Xin LiJie MetalProducts Co.,Ltd. established in April 1994, is located at No. 518 Fengtong North Road, Xikou Town – a national level scenic zone. At the beginning, it was mainly engaged in the development and production of timer parts—hammers and gear series products, supplied to Zhejiang Weiye Group. The leading products include SX-A1-1-12.9, SXBC-12.9 and SX-A41-4-1-12.9, etc. The hammer series products have won national patent, patent No.: ZL99243135.2.

In 1996, the factory successfully developed zinc-aluminum alloy automobile parts jointly with Anhui Huangshan Automobile Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. The developed products cover dozens of varieties, such as 8.003.036 outer covering, 8.003.020 lock shell, 8.872.031 lock core, and 8.003.067 body, etc.

In 1997, the economic results were up to the expected standard. On this basis, the factory set up Ningbo Yingwang Hairdressing Tools Company by inviting talents and introducing equipment. The company has developed series products of electric clippers, hand clippers, shaving cutter and shears etc. The company's business activities can been traced in every part of the country and its market coverage is expanding into the world.

At present, the enterprise has total assets of 5.1 million yuan, a covering area of 6,600 sq.m., including building floor of 4,200 sq.m. and a staff of 110 persons, among whom the technical and managerial personnel account for 18 persons). Its annual output is 20 million pieces of timer parts, 0.8 million pieces of automobile parts and 0.3 million hand or electric hairdressing clippers. Though technology innovation, the enterprise has become an expanding entity that integrates development, production and business operation. It always follows the business principle that "no quality, no efficiency". It is popular with a great number of customers. In 1999, the sales amount was 5 million yuan, the profit payments and tax turnover was 0.4 million yuan. Currently, the enterprise is actively developing pneumatic component and high quality sophisticated clipper series, which will be soon introduced to the market. With more than six years' development through hard perspiration, the enterprise has attained considerable scale. It was consecutively appraised as Contract-abiding Enterprise, Industrial Star Enterprise, AA Creditable Enterprise respectively by Fenghua Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau, Xikou Scenic Zone Management Committee and Ningbo Credit Standing Appraisal Commission. In the future, we will endeavor to develop new products guided by market economy, and create more economic benefits to reward those people from all circles who had given us generous concern and help.

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